About The Artist

David on the Willimansett Bridge

David on the Willimansett Bridge: Photo by Robert Seto 2011

David E. Matuszek… (Why the pretentious middle initial? Well he doesn’t want to be confused with another David Matuszek.) David has a degree in history but works in manufacturing when not exposing silver to light. A photographer, artist, failed writer, and published poet. He is also life long New Englander who does not mind the cold, but as a die hard Red Sox fan, does not want to be called a Yankee.

David’s current view on photography is that it is a search for the lost. He loves the landscapes of New England’s manufacturing towns. Documenting the death of industry and supply before many of these places are demolished by neglect. His does this using a mix of modern and traditional photography techniques including  Large Format film cameras and cutting edge DSLR’s.