Badly Needed Website Updates

When I switched over to the WordPress format I did so because it was easier to manage galleries, images, and general content. I just never kept up with it. I think I still had the mental block thinking about all the HTML coding I needed to do to change images around before. I finally got around to it and here are some of the changes you will see.

  • Fewer Images and Galleries: At one point I had over 56 images on this website. It’s supposed to be a quick glimpse of what I am doing not a flickr page.
  • Newer Content: I had things I shot in 1999 or 2000. Yes they where nice images, but my taste in composition has changed since then.
  • Digital Images in the Color Gallery: I am a die hard film shooter and there is also some home processed E6 and Kodachrome in there, but I have been shooting a DSLR for what I used to shoot in 35mm for about 3 years now.
  • No promises but I may also do some more blog stuff on my photography and what I am doing.

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